It's all about SPEED

Today's culture moves at a breakneck, multi-tasking, fast-forward pace. The time is right for a new dynamic way to experience radio. Enter, Radio SASS. This new protocol changes radio history in several postive ways. Listeners get more music, and more variety. Recording artists get 3x the airplay and exposure. Records labels get increased spins, increased sales. Radio gets a new sound.

Radio SASS. (Short Attention Span System) takes the playlist and musically condenses songs to their essence. Through time compression, you get the memorable heart of each song, with an average length of aproximately two minutes with NO self indulgent guitar solos, NO long intros, NO repetition of choruses again and again. Radio returns to the snappy song length of the 1960s.

Today radio does well to deliver 12 songs an hour. Radio SASS can zip out thirty or more, still playing the same spot load. To further pump up the pace of the station there are no ballads, only up-tempo and mid-tempo songs. Commercial breaks are also rapid, stopping down for only 90 seconds. Things move. More music, the essence of what the listener demands, delivered at ballistic speed.

Increasingly in the last 25 years, the music idiom, has grown self indulgent. Records that were 2:00 - 3:00 minutes long have been replaced by repetitive epics. It's not unusual for today's recordings to regularly cross the four or five minute mark. The immediacy of radio has ground to a musical dawdle. While TV, newspapers, movies and other media have sped up, radio has fallen out of pace with today's rapid lifestyle. Button pushing listeners and competition from new media is fierce. TSL is down.

A return to shorter songs is essential. Will listeners object? The answer is no. Several focus groups conducted by Harker Research show that most people don't even notice. When a song begins, the average radio listeners pays attention to the beginning then makes a snap judgment. Do I know this? Do I like it? Then it's punch or play. They seldom reflect on the song as it ends. Most people use radio as wallpaper, a background to their daily activity. They have enough time to punch the button or not.

Radio SASS starts out with the memorable beginning, followed by the best verses, best chorus and then wraps it up just as you remember. SASS offers a system of music edited by musicians, making the edits invisible. Just hear for yourself how satisfying this new sound is. Most listeners don't even notice that the songs are short, only that the station 'really moves.'

SASS is the world's first patented radio format, and offers participants a unique market position and competitive advantage. The choice of music is yours. A dynamic new way of playing that music is what SASS provides. That's speed. That's SASS. The essence of today's culture.